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Perhaps you are a bit tired of the siding on the outside of your home, or maybe you have thought about selling and moving somewhere new. Maybe you want to increase your home's value or make your home more energy efficient. Siding installation is an excellent investment because when you make the right choices new siding can do all this for your home and more.

Cedar siding is one of the most traditional choices for siding. Many people love using natural wood siding on their home, as it gives a rustic real feeling that can't quite be duplicated with vinyl siding. Cedar siding is also naturally sustainable and resistent to bugs. It also provides better insulation that metal siding or aluminum siding. In most cases, the cedar trees used for cedar siding are replanted making it an environmentally friendly option that causes minimal polution and other problems.

Even with all the benefits of wood siding, vinyl siding is also a popular choice when it comes to siding installation. Generally speaking vinyl siding needs less maintenance than other forms of siding. While vinyl won't completely be able to duplicate the look and feel of wood, there are many varieties of vinyl that do offer an attractive alternative to wood or metal siding.

Durability as well as a wide variety of color and texture choices is one of the main reasons why vinyl is chosen over wood or aluminum siding. It requires almost no maintenance, such as painting as it is resistent to weather damage that can be caused my sun,wind, rain or snow. Although it isn't as sustainable as wood, manny manufacturers of vinyl deck and siding materials go about the manufacturing process in a way that uses as much recycled material as they can in order to make vinyl a "green" option that will come in any color the home owner wants.

Regardless of what type of siding homeowners ultimately choose, it is clear there is a lot to consider, and either cedar or vinyl can be good options depending on what is most important to the home owner. No matter what they choose, they will want to take their choice in siding installation very seriously as it will make make big impact on the value of their home.

Seattle Siding Works

If you're looking around for just a dependable, regional house siding licensed contractor than your search ends right here! You will find there's excellent team of house siding contractors and also house siding replacement installers who've many years of practical experience installing replacement siding for home owners inside the Washington state.

We offer aluminum, metal, vinyl, imitation brick and fiber cement siding in many of colours and types to match the wants and requirements of your own renovating project.

We provide installations and restoration on all kinds of house siding including: aluminum, steel, vinyl, imitation brick and fiber cement siding.

WA Remodeling Inc Siding Works:
Vinyl siding, the number 1 choice of house siding in the United States, is durable, versatile, and very easy to maintain. WA Remodeling Inc. offers many different styles of materials and solutions to renovate your own home. Whether you're trying to find a contemporary look or even a look that fits your finances, we're able to provide what you need.

Siding Works

Your house is a great investment. Because the outside of your house is the first thing everyone see, high quality siding can hugely decorate your house and brings exponential money worth to your house.

Vinyl siding is the favorite choice of external cladding and it has the cheapest installed cost of any siding materials.

Our skilled team of contractors coupled with using high quality products positions us as the leading contractor to take care of all your projects.

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