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Privacy or protection. Either reason might be your choice for installing a fence around your building. It doesn't matter if you are installing commercial fencing or industrial fencing to protect your property from thieves, or residential fencing to keep pets and children safe in the backyard. You can have a fence that's low maintenance along with being an easy, worry-free installation.

Before you begin any digging, contact the local utility companies to check for underground water and gas lines. You need to know where those lines are so as to not break the pipes with a shovel or fence post. Also, check with your local zoning board concerning any necessary building permits or installation regulations.

Decide on the type of fence you want. Wooden fences can add privacy and a bit of decor to a home. Installation requires a bit more work, and you must perform periodic maintenance for its upkeep. Most wood fences have slats that need nailed to rails for installation. Using a post hole digger - you can rent one from your local home improvement store - you dig out the post holes every 6 feet. Line the bottom of the hole with gravel to aid with drainage, and pack the posts with either dirt or concrete for stability.

You can also install chain link fencing. Chain link fences require less maintenance and can be quite durable to protect industrial and commercial buildings. You can choose lightweight fencing to save on costs. Stake out the area where you want the fence to be, leaving about 6 inches from the edge of the property. Dig out the holes so that all the fencing is at an equal height despite any difference in terrain. Pour concrete into the holes to stabilize the posts. Then install the chain link material to the posts, keeping it pulled tight between each post to prevent the fence from sagging.

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Maintenance for the wood fence requires the wood to be treated with a stain and sealer to prevent the wood from warping and splitting from moisture. If you decide to paint your fence, you'll have to perform a bit of touching up annually to fix fading or flaking paint. Inspect the fence for warped boards or missing nails that need repaired. If you have a chain link fence, maintenance may require spraying on rust-inhibitor paint when the chain link starts to age and rust.

Whether you decide to install fencing for your home or business, choose one that best fits your needs.

WA Remodeling Inc., is a top rated residential and commercial fencing company. Our company specializes in residential fence design and installation which includes pool fences, property fences, picket fences and privacy fences. Our company work with almost all types of fencing materials which includes new wood, vinyl, decorative steel and also chain link. Please call us for additional information and also to schedule a totally free appointment for an estimate. Our experienced contractor will be happy to help you with your fencing needs.

If you are looking for a professional Seattle fencing company, call 425-501-6662.

Here are a few of the types our company specializes in:
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Privacy/Semi-Privacy
  • Security Fencing
  • Vinyl Fences
  • Kennels
  • Ranch Rail
  • Durawood
  • Picket
  • Decorative Metal Fences
  • Wall Extensions
  • Metal Alternatives
  • Gates and Entry Systems

  • Fence Installation

    Our company offer service for your entire chain link, wire, and also wooden fencing needs. We build, install, and strike every size of chain link wild panels, gates, cages, enclosures, and sports fencing. Our company also install barbed wire and razor wire on top of fences, walls, and buildings. Our company remove and install existing chain link fences for many types of shots.

    WA Remodeling Inc. is Seattle's premier fensing company. We can easily build a fences for protection, to enclose and separate a home or to provide for your privacy.

    If you are looking for a professional Seattle fencing company, call 425-501-6662.

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